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$20 Bill Peeking - Fraudulent Transfers

Fraudulent Transfers Under Section 548 of the Bankruptcy Code

Under Section 548 of the United States Bankruptcy Code, the bankruptcy trustee can avoid fraudulent transfers made within two years preceding filing of a bankruptcy petition. If a creditor asserts a claim of fraudulent transfer in a bankruptcy case… Read More
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United States Bankruptcy Court Sign

Revocation or Denial of a Bankruptcy Discharge: Section 727 Adversary Proceedings

If you file for bankruptcy, you must be honest and transparent about all your financial activity before, during, and after the petition is filed. For Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcies, the ramifications of any kind of dishonesty can be especial… Read More
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Bankruptcy Court Hearing Notice

Creditor Objections to Discharge: Section 523 Adversary Proceedings in a Bankruptcy Case

In a bankruptcy case, many debts are discharged. There are certain debts that will be discharged unless a creditor files an action called an objection to the discharge. These creditor actions are referred to as Section 523 adversary proceedings,… Read More
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Adversary Proceeding in Bankruptcy Court

What Are Adversary Proceedings in a Bankruptcy Case?

Most bankruptcy cases go smoothly and are finalized fairly quickly without objections from creditors or the trustee. However, sometimes problems or questions arise. Those issues can result in adversary proceedings being filed during the bankruptcy.… Read More
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